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Billing itself as the 'Land of Fire', Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) is a tangle of contradictions and contrasts. It's a nexus of ancient historical empires, but also a ‘new’ nation which has undergone an extraordinary transformation from the war-ravaged post-Soviet 1990s to an oil-enriched host of Formula 1 and Europa League football.

Naturally combined hills and half-arid meadows ceaselessly reach to the skyline with historic landmarks in Azerbaijan. Amazingly beautiful nature and wildlife now add colors to its beauty, fire and hundreds of kilometers of shoreline never fail to show the beauty of Azerbaijan: known as the land of fire.

Having long been overlooked by visitors, Azerbaijan’s new easy visas, bargain-value hotels and close-packed range of beautiful landscapes are starting to attract significant flows of tourists – Lonely Planet

With a mixture of contemporary masterpieces, curious new discovery and enigmatic historical monuments, Azerbaijan is a tourist trap for anyone without a second thought. Even though you have never been to Azerbaijan before, you will surely find out plenty of amazing places to visit if you love to explore places. Everything about Azerbaijan is magical and unique. When you visit the places, you will be able to understand the fact that it will take your breath away and you will never worry about every penny you spent on this trip. If you are looking for spa days or if you want to pamper yourself Azerbaijan will never say “no “to pamper you from head to toe.

86,600 km²
10,000,000 (2019)
Time Zone:
UTC +4 (AZT)
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