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Thailand's largest island and one of the world’s finest beach destinations, with fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas and lively towns.

Phuket has got so much in its store for holiday makers and if you are eagerly looking for a place to honeymoon. Phuket will surely stir up your wanderlust There are ample of things to do when in Phuket. The island itself is loaded with beautiful historical old town, amazing viewpoints and magnificent cultural attractions. Phuket has been identified as a jewel for visitors. When in Phuket, you must try authentic thailand exotic flavors and it will surely throw you over the moon. Being one of the very amazing Beaches in Thailand, Phuket always tops the list, owing to unique location and mesmerizing holiday-friendly atmosphere. Phuket is one of the greatest go-to-spot for many holiday-makers because of the beautiful beaches. Your heart will cry to go back to the island over and over again.

Dramatic karst islands and relaxed beaches – Lonely Planet

Moreover, Phuket beach can be identified as the best beach for almost all the beach activities. Whether it is sunbathing, scuba diving, boat rides, snorkeling or even surfing. This can be brought out as the perfect beach. One of the serenest and coolest things to do when in Phuket is take in the display at Siam Niramit. Performed on Asia’s biggest stage, it is one of the most remarkable musicals in the realm.   In Thai Village There are demonstrations of handicraft making, preparation of local snacks, typical old-style houses, and much more.

You will be very spoiled for choice for food preferences in Phuket with probably a larger variation of cuisines than anywhere else in Thailand.

outside of Bangkok of course, from hawker stands, beach vendors, local noodle shops, great Thai and Seafood restaurants right up to the finest International Dining.

576 km²
Highest Elevation:
529 m
386,605 (2015)
Thai Baht
Time Zone:
UTC +7 (ICT)
Calling Code:
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